New era of computer viruses

Tips to Help You Steer Clear of New Era Viruses

In the world of today, almost everybody has access to the internet through a computer or mobile device thus Worm, Trojan, and Virus are familiar words. Computer viruses can be defined as computer programs that hide in other supposedly innocent programs only to produce copies of themselves and consequently insert them into other computer files and programs. Usually, computer viruses carry out malicious activities such as data destruction, damaging your software, hardware, and important files.

New era viruses

Viruses exist in two main groups namely worms and macro viruses and in most cases, they don’t occur naturally but are created by people. However, once they’ve been made public, their spread is beyond human control.  Security experts discover new viruses all the time. Some complex computer viruses ever discovered by Kaspersky Labs, renowned security experts, include Flame, Stuxnet, and Duqu.

These new era of computer viruses are intricate and more than a hundred times stronger than regular viruses. They are specially created to illegally acquire information from your computer. They can even listen to your conversations after turning on the microphone in your computer. Because of the complexity of these new era viruses, countries are more than often claimed to have a hand in their creation. For instance, security experts claim that Stuxnet and Duqu were created by the United States.

How to protect yourself from threats

Because hackers and complex computer viruses target computers all the time, it is prudent to protect yourself from threats. Here are a few simple guidelines that can keep you safe:

Always use the incognito mode

Knowing when to use incognito mode can help standardize the type of traffic that goes through your network. Security experts claim that internet users who frequently access the internet using the incognito mode are less at risk of viruses and worms than those who don’t. This is because the incognito mode has some type of antivirus that is capable of blocking worms and viruses from gaining access to your network. For this reason, consider adjusting the Privacy Settings to incognito in your browser to enhance your security online.

Install reliable antivirus software

Antivirus software helps combat viruses and makes sure that your computer is completely safe from possible attacks. An antivirus program thoroughly scans your computer including all the files to ensure that there are no possible threats. Therefore, choosing trusted and effective software is paramount. Once you’ve installed antivirus software you need to perform updates regularly.

Create strong passwords

A strong password will help improve your security and protect you from threats. Although you should have an easy to memorize a password, it should also be intricate and safe at the same time. The best way to come up with a strong password is by combining special and alphanumeric characters. Make sure that your password has not less than eight characters.


Threats are everywhere in the world and with the new era viruses, there is need to have your computer protected from attacks. Besides installing antivirus software and updating it regularly, you need to have strong passwords and incorporate simple protective measures such as using the incognito mode when surfing the net. In addition, you need to be extra cautious on the internet especially when dealing with email links. Never click on email attachments or links you find suspicious without authenticating their credibility first.